Global Payments Network for businesses.
Real time payments, wide coverage.

We live in a world without borders.

As does money. We connect businesses to financial institutions around the world so you can invest in growth rather than bank transfers and regulations.

Our Three Whys


Our financial network provides fast, secure & compliant way to transfer money around the globe at killer rates.

Our Three Whys


Our network covers hundreds of thousands of financial institutions with great coverage in hard to reach destinations.

Our Three Whys


With our easy-to-use API you can reach Banks, Financial institutions, Cash pickups, digital wallets & more.


Neema is a YC company (2017) and was picked as most promising startup in Mobile Summit 2017. We are backed by Israel’s leading banks and financials companies.

Bank Hapoalim

Israel's largest bank

Discount bank

Top 3 Israeli banks

Direct Insurance financial investments

Leading financing and insurance company,
Pioneers in digitizing legacy industries


Secure transfers. Built-in compliance. Highest level of security and data privacy protection. Fully licensed and regulated.


One API integration opens a world of endless country-currency-payment method combinations. Real time rates, transaction costs & available balance are also accessible via our API.

Over Night

Every minute matters, so your money is never ‘in transit’. Wide real-time coverage. Same/Next day transfers for every other destination.